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At Temple of the Paw Dog Walking & Pet Care we strive to treat our clients not as simply pets but as if they were our children.  We understand that a dog's physical health is just as important as his or her mental health.  This is why we not only ensure that each of our client's physical enviornment is as safe as we can possibly make it, but we also maintain positive reinforcement and reward-based training practices at all times.  We also limit the number of dogs we care for in each play session to ensure that each client gets the individual attention and love it deserves.
The majority of time your pet will spend while in the care of Temple of the Paw will be in a completely enclosed 3,000-square-foot private doggy park.  Every effort has been made to ensure not only the safety of your pet while inside the Temple Grounds but also to the quality of time that they spend there.  Being completely enclosed, the temple keeps your pets safely in while keeping any potential hazards out; such as poison oak, fox tails, aggressive dogs or any other unexpected situation that could cause your pet potential harm.  Your pet will be in heaven: running & playing on a recycled field turf covered personal doggy park, complete with a plethora of toys to play with, kiddie pools to splash in, sandbox to dig in and agility equipment to play on.  We guarentee that your dog will be as excited to come to the Temple as he will be content when he returns home!
Temple of the Paw co-owners Chris Salcedo and Angela Jones grew up hiking and biking the local trails of Marin County since the mid 1970's, usually accompanied by thier family dogs.  Chris's childhood sidekick was Morgan, a big black & white mutt of unknown discent and later came Cooper, an Irish Wolfhound/Collie mix.  Angela rarely ventured off on her nature excursions without Flash, the family Dalmation.
      Chris & Angela met in the early 90's while attending San Francisco State University where they attained Bachelor's degrees in Geography and Art respectively.  Chris spent 10 years making maps for travel guides while Angela pursued her art on the side while working for a landscaping firm.  Looking for a change of pace in the Spring of 2005, Chris decided to channel his love of pets into a new career and began working for a highly respected full service dog care facility.  The 2 years spent working at the facility only reinforced his passion for working with animals as a profession.  At that point, he couldn't imagine doing anything other than working with pets, and Temple of the Paw was born in 2007.
      Chris and Angela currently live in Kentfield with their 2 Bull Terriers, Enzo & Maya (affectionately known to their many admirers as Fathead and Wideload.)
Temple of the Paw
Temple Grounds
About Us
     At Temple of the Paw we believe that it is important to give back to the community that we live in, local and global.  This is why we endeavor to make contributions, donations and do volunteer work wherever and whenever possible.  A portion of the Temple's proceeds are donated to Hopalong/Second Chance Rescue.  We also strive to make our operation as green as possible.  Our Temple Grounds were constructed almost completely with recycled lumber and we useBioBags for the disposal of all of our doggy waste products.  We also volunteer our time each summer helping to bring our community together with Filmnight in the Park, which in turn donates a portion of their proceeds to A.P.P.L.E. FamilyWorks.  Temple of the Paw is also proud to sponsor 2 soccer teams; The Muir Woodies from the Marin Coed Soccer League and The Goal Diggers from Marin Soccer League.